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Email Submitter Service



Email Submitters are one of the GREATEST ways to get your message out FAST to Millions of People each week. We have Email Submitters that are loaded with millions of Opt-in Recipients that have chosen to receive email ads from us.

This is one of the fastest ways to reach a very LARGE group of people. We can send your message or advertisement to over 1,000,000 people within 24 hrs. after you place your order.

Once you order and EMAIL YOUR AD we will load your ad into our submitter and turn it on. It will email your ad to over one million people within 2 hours.

You will see immediate results, Instant Gratification! Pick out the amount of weekly mailings you want us to do for you and place your order below. You can see results as soon as tomorrow. When you order three weeks of mailings we give you the fourth week for free. Order Today!

Advertising is something you need to do on a regular basis. Sending your ads through our submitters on a weekly basis is a great way to have your message in constant circulation. This is by far the easiest way to keep your ad in front of eager buyers each week.

The more weeks you order the less it cost. Save $55.00 when you order our three month special.

Best regards, BBP MARKETING

Simply check the box of your choice, use your credit card by using the "pay by credit card" button below, or scroll down and use either electronic check or check by U.S. Mail. We will send you a confirmation within 24hrs. when we begin your mailings. Thank you!

One week mailing to one million recipients
Two week mailings to 2 million recipients
3 week mailings & receive the 4th week for free-4 million recipients
3 month mailings to over 12 million recipients

for Credit Purchase
Make sure to check the box that corresponds to your order. Scroll down
to Pay by Check!

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To pay by Electronic Check,check your choices,total them, and scroll down to the check form below. To pay by credit, simply click on the "PAY BY CREDIT CARD" logo below your choice. To Pay By Mail, Click Here.


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The check number that you submit will be made payable to "BBP" and should be VOIDED so you do not use it again!

By submitting this document to you, I sign and acknowledge that I am the signor on this account, and I authorize you to present this check draft to the above bank based upon the information I have submitted and that all the information above is true and correct.



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