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CONTACT MY AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM 24 hrs. A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK BY EMAILING bbp@ureach.com or support@bbpmarketing.websitesource.net or Get your free Yahoo messenger http://messenger.yahoo.com/ Once you sign up request to add our Yahoo Instant messenger ID: bbprld to your contacts and chat with us live 7 days a week.

Q    What is My Automated Sales System's products or services?

A     My Automated Sales System is selling a Promotional Software Service valued at over $1,500.00. Listed below are some of the Software Scripts you will be able to use. There are many more and we are always adding new scripts.
Product #1   Product #2   Product #3  
We also set up and manage a personal Email Submitter Service with an Email Auto responder follow up Service for our members, and Advertisement on our Scrolling Message Board located in the back office of over 32,000 members. This is great exposure for your other programs or products that you might be selling. The software service allows you the use of over 150 valuable software packages for any Internet Marketer.

Q    What is the best way to get my questions answered?

A     The best way to contact us is to Email us HERE or HERE
We answer all emails within 24 hrs. or less. If you don't receive a reply within that time frame you will need to email us from another email account because your account is blocking our replies to you as spam. I would suggest a free account with our email service MyEmail
We also have a Support & Help Desk located at: http://bbpmarketing.com/support

Q    Do I have to promote my personal My Automated Sales System's Web Page in order to receive commissions?

A     NO! We will setup your Email Submitter Service that will send a Sales Ad with the url of your personal My Automated Sales System to thousands of prospects each day. Once someone fills out the form on your page their email address is put in two follow up Email Auto responders located and they will be emailed every day explaining our program and encouraging them to place an order.

As people join and order from those promotions you will not only receive commissions 5 levels deep but you will build a downline full of people like yourself who will all have the recruiting and follow up system above working for them also. Eventually you will have hunderds of these automated Sales Systems recruiting new members and closing all sales for you earning you commissions five levels deep in your Sales Organization. And all of this will run automatically 24/7/365.

Q    What is an Email Submitter?

A     An Email Submitter is a software program that can mail out an email sales ad to a mailing list every day for an indefinite amount of time. It can send many different ads to many different recepients each day. Once it is programed and started it is the greatest fully automated recruiting tool ever.

Q    Do I have to furnish the sales ad, email leads, set up, or manage my Email Submitter?

A     NO! Once you order we take it from there. We will set it up for you, load it with all sales ads, email leads, and turn it on.

Q    Will all of my downline members have the same automated system set up for them and will I earn commissions on those sales also?

A     Yes, every member for five levels deep in your downline, who orders, will have their personal Internet Promotions set up and managed by us.

Q    Will you really send out emails with my sales ads in them along with my downline? Isn't that a lot of work to do this for all the thousands of members you have?

A     YES! We will send your personal sales ad with your web page link attached to millions of recipients and will also do the same for every active member in your downline. The automated mailings have made our program a great success. We have found that the more we can help passive members to finally earn an income on the Internet they soon become active by telling their close friends and relatives about what a good deal they got. The more mailings we do, the more money we both make. This system has been set up & working for over one year. We are constantly adding new features to improve it

Q    How much does it cost to join My Automated Sales System?

A     You will pay My Automated Sales System $40 every 3 months for the use of our Promotional Software Scripts. If you don't want to earn commissions as an affiliate or want to do your own promotions, that is all you will spend. But if you want to take advantage of our Fully Automated Recruiting & Follow up Sales System you will pay an additional $9.50 per month for us to setup and manage your Email Auto Submitter.

Q    What if I pay with a credit card and request a refund or credit?

A     If you order with a credit card and request a refund or credit, your refund or credit will be issued by company check less any fees incurred to BBP Marketing by the credit card company and their online payment processor for the processing of your order.

This service is very under valued and the price will rise in the upcoming months. A recruiting system such as this would cost you hunderds of dollars each month to run and maintain not to mention all the time you would spend. Lock in your price today. This is an excellant price for the amount of promotions that you will receive.

If your question was not answered above please EMAIL US

Disclaimer; My Automated Sales System Administrations goal is to help in the promotion of your web page and your active downlines personal pages for the selling of orders for our Promtional Services and Products. You will receive Sales Commissions on all sales that we make for you according to the compensation plan in your back office. We will promote your personal web page through Email Advertising. Most, but not all promotions will be done through Safelist, Email Groups (such as Yahoo, MSN, & Google), and Email Autoresponders. We in no way can guarantee any time frame that customers will respond and order and cannot guarantee any set amount of income that will be made. Any commission projections on our web pages are done to show what can be possible when certain sales numbers are reached. They are only shown as a projection of what is possible. Our only guarantee is that as long as you are a member in good standing we will promote your personal page through Email Advertising for the sale of our Services and Products and pay you commissions for those sales.
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 My Safelist Submitter Checker Software  My Submitter   My Pay Day FAST Program

Try our 24 hr. Support Help Desk with Live Online Help.