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You'll soon wonder how you conducted any business, whether on-line or not, without Checker software.

Checker prints checks...

  1. Print Checks from your customers ready to be deposited immediately. This is the purpose for which most people buy Checker software. The information needed to print customers' checks comes to you...
    • by phone or fax and you type it into Checker - or it comes to you...
    • by email or from a form on your web site - and...
      • you type it into Checker
    • These "checks" from customers are called Bank Drafts. They are not signed. A "legal disclaimer" replaces the signature. It says something like "This Transaction Authorized by your Depositor, No Signature Required". These "drafts" were made legal by statutory law over 10 years ago in the USA and more recently in Canada.
  2. Print Blank Personal Checks or Business Checks for your own accounts so you don't have to buy blank checks. You can even make it print checks to pay your bills when they're due. All you'll have to do is change the amount and check no. and print 'em and mail 'em.
  3. Print AutoPay Checks - checks from customers or checks to pay bills - these are copies of checks that were typed or imported into Checker earlier and were designated to be AutoPay checks or periodic repeating checks which usually repeat monthly.

And, your only cost is a few bucks for the software and one to five cents a check for check safety paper. I know I should charge more for the software, but you guys expect a lot for a buck these days.

And, since you don't need anything but the software and check paper - no credit check, no approval, no agreement with your bank, no nothin - you can purchase, and upon receipt of payment, we can E-mail your software to you and you can start using Checker today to...

  • Put your customers on AutoPay and save a ton of money, work, and worry...
    • Billing: You don't need to send a bill to customers on AutoPay. If you have 4000 monthly accounts and 25% of them authorize you to draft their checking accounts monthly, and if statements cost you $.50 each to prepare and send, you will save $500 per month on billing costs. What if billing costs you closer to $1.00 per account and what if 50% or 75% of your customers switch to AutoPay? Once you own our software, AutoPay costs you 2.5-7.5 cents per account for the paper to print the bank draft on, and nothing more.
    • Cash Flow: Whatever percentage of your customers switch to Autopay, that same percentage of your cash flow becomes totally predictable. You will know exectly when you will receive it each month and when you can spend it.
    • Work and Worry: Customers on AutoPay won't pay late and won't have to be contacted. You can just concentrate on providing them good products and services.
  • Collect money for whatever you're selling on the 'net or wherever without all the nightmares of a credit card merchant account (we'll talk about those later).
  • Collect from whoever owes you money without hearing "it's in the mail".
  • Pay your monthly bills automatically without writer's cramp
  • With the regular version, when you receive a check from your order form, you will have to type the information into the software before you print the check and you will have to type an order confirmation to send back to your customer.
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 Email Broadcasting and Opt-in Email Addresses Checker Software  Dealership  
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