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Here at My Email Autoresponder we not only furnish you with a top of the line autoresponder but support that can't be beat! No opt in confirmation emails here unless you want to send them. If you need help setting up your Autoresponder we will do it for you at no extra cost. EMAIL US HERE or HERE for help.

My Email Autoresponders
Email Autoresponder Service

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Email Autoresponders are one of the GREATEST ways to get your message out FAST to thousands of People each day. You can have unlimited autoresponder campaigns for all your different programs or products. You can have multiple followup campaigns. That's right, all you do is set up your messages, and you can have up to 100 different messages set to be delivered whenever you want. You can set the email sequences of when your mailings will be sent and how long each campaign will run. And when the campaign is finished you can start it again with just a couple of clicks. Have you ever heard, YOU HAVE TO SEND DOUBLE OPT IN MESSAGES BEFORE YOU CAN MAIL TO SOMEONE? Sure, what's the use? No one ever responds back. Yeah, put me on your mailing list. When you take out an autoresponder with us you mail when you want. You can make unlimited autoresponders for all your different programs. We will supply you with an automated removal link on all emails you send so you want have to worry about having to receive removal emails and remove members that no longer want to receive mail from you.

Read what our customers have to say about our service:

Attention BBP Marketing,

I just wanted to drop you a short Thank-You note. I've been a member of your My Auto Responder for a few months now & I'm so pleased with not only the remarkable service you offer with the Auto Responder but even more with the great support and help you provide for me. With your help I was able to quit my job to do this full time (actually I do it a few hours per week) ,but I do now stay home & earn a comfortable living. I tried a number of other more expensive yet less effective Auto Responders & even paid big dollars but nothing comes close to what you have. Please keep up the good work & remember you are very much apprieciated.

Nicky Ajodha


If you would like to give a testimonial and have your web page displayed here send a testimonial to:

This is one of the fastest ways to reach a very LARGE group of people. You will see immediate results, Instant Gratification! You can see results as soon as tomorrow. You will also be able to broadcast additional ads as often as you like to your entire list. You can also set up a Newsletter or Ezine to broadcast out. Once you set up your messages your autoresponder can be set to automatically mail to all your leads daily for an indefinite amount of time. Talk about an explosion in your downline and commissions.

Advertising is something you need to do on a regular basis. Sending your ads through our autoresponders on a daily basis is a great way to have your message in constant circulation. It has been proven that most buyers don't place their order until they have seen an ad 7 times. This is by far the easiest way to keep your ad in front of eager buyers each day. Your follow up with your customer is the second most important marketing strategy that you can do. We have had people place orders after receiving follow up messages for a year. We have also had customers order because they respected our persistence.

Most people don't realize the messages are coming from an automated email sender but think that you are personally emailing them every day and they respond.
Order Today and receive this Promotional Bonuse at no extra cost.

My Safelist Submitter

Order below and receive a free paid membership to the program above in addition to your Email Autoresponder Membership.
No one can offer a set of Promotional Tools at this unheard of price!
Isn't it time you put your marketing efforts on autopilot?

Look at all the features you receive with My Email Autoresponders:

  • Add Subscribers To Your Lists At Any Time!

    Manually, or a form on your web page. We don't put a limit on the amount of leads you can add to your autoresponder. Unlike some autoresponders, we don't make you send double opt in confirmation emails.

  • No-Hassle “List-of-Subscribers” Generator!

  • We offer Protection From Spam Complaints!

    Some people forget that they ever signed up for your autoresponder and will immediately report you as Spam. Now you can fight back.

    To take care of frivolous Spam complaints, our script automatically documents a subscriber’s IP address, site from which they subscribed, and the date immediately upon sign up. Now no one can accuse you of sending them Spam when you have proof of their subcription.

    And with our service, you’ve got the proof.

  • Personalized “Response-Getter” Mailings!

    Start each email to your list with, “Dear (subscriber’s name),”

    The most exciting thing about sending autoresponder messages is the ability to personalize each individual email you send out without any extra effort. If you send out 1,000 emails to 1,000 different people...

    ...each email will be sent with a different name in the greeting. “Greetings Mark,” will be sent to the subscriber named Mark. “Greetings Debra,” will be sent to the subscriber named Debra. And this is all done automatically.

  • 10 “Free To Use” Customizable Fields!

    My software allows you to set up 10 different customizable fields! So if you want to keep information other than just your subscribers first name, you can do so. Get their last name, address, telephone number, IP Address – there’s nothing stopping you from collecting all the information you need to run your business in the best way possible.

  • Your Choice Of Single Or Double Opt-In!

    There are too many autoresponders that make important decisions for you. Services that host scripts for thousands of users can be blacklisted if someone on their servers starts sending emails out to people who didn’t actually sign up.

    And you’re the one who is hurt! To protect themselves, autoresponder services often force you to use double opt-in subscription to keep the company safe.

    This means that a subscriber must first sign up... and then confirm that they signed up.

    With my service, you get to decide whether or not your email list is single or double opt-in. It’s your business, you decide.

  • Send Text Emails, HTML Emails, Or Both!

    With our service, you can send HTML messages, text messages, or multipart messages (which are essentially both.) Because different situations call for different tactics, we give you the flexibility to decide when you need to send HTML, and when you need to send text.

  • Hands-Free List Cleaning Saves Resources!

    Our service cleans house for you. Often you’ll find that many emails are being sent back to you each time you send out a mailing. This is because people have abandoned their email address. We will automatically mark all bad email addresses and remove them from your list, lightening the load on your mailings.
    • Unlimited follow-up messages. Don’t let anyone tell you how many times you need to email your subscribers. You get to call the shots and that’s the end of it.

    • Absolutely NO-LIMIT put on the growth of your business. With us, you can enjoy unlimited subscribers to your autoresponders and mailing lists.

    • The “I’m On Vacation” Message Scheduler. Plug in the date and time Sunday morning, leave for vacation that afternoon, and trust that your important message will start flying out Wednesday automatically. That’s “hands-free” service!

    • The Link Tracker. If you need to know what strategies are working and what strategies stunk like a skunk, this bonus built-in ad tracker is your method to test, test, test for immediate, in-demand results.

    • The Name Branding Machine. Make your sales jump like a gazelle with this sophisticated yet simple tool that plugs in each subscribers name into your web pages. When John Doe visits a web site that reads “Dear John,” you’re one step closer to the sale. This advanced feature lets you do this for instantly and with little effort!

    • A Keyboard Free Sign Up Process. For people who fear typing and don’t want to fill out forms! Let people sign up for your autoresponder with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Our Opt-In Email Finder will track down their email address for them! Skipping this step will help you grow your lists even faster.

    • Your Own Personal (Autoresponder) Maid: Have this virtual assistant automatically take one subscriber off one list when he or she subscribes to another – making sure you’re not sending the same message to them twice. And say goodbye to old, abandoned, resource draining email addresses that are bouncing back to you each week. These worthless email addresses are automatically removed from all lists at your request.

    Place your order today!

    Because we offer two different autoresponders there are two payment options below. The $25 monthly subscription is for the conventional autoresponder where you can create unlimited campaigns. The $15 monthly subscription is for our new Lead Capture Autoresponders where four different professional Lead Capture Pages will be automatically created for you and listed in your members area upon registration. Take a look at your Lead Capture Pages below.

    You will also have the option of creating additional Lead Capture Autoresponders for the reduced rate of $5 monthly from your members area. Select what autoresponder is right for you and put your Marketing Promotions on auto pilot. This is a monthly subscription that will renew every month and can be cancelled anytime through your Credit Card, PayPal, SafePay, or MyPay account. If you want to make other payment arrangements or want to use a different payment processor EMAIL US and we will accommodate.

    Placing your order will be a four step process and you will need to click on the continue button through the payment process. If for any reason you have a problem while making your payment return to this page and
    EMAIL US HERE or HERE or go to:OUR SUPPORT PAGE and open a help ticket. After making payment you will continue to a confirmation page that will have the Autoresponder Registration Form. You will need to fill out the form with your information and submit. You can click continue after you submit the form and you will be redirected to the log in page. Your login information will be emailed to the email address you submit. Click on one of the payment options below and place your order.  

    Just click on the Image below for our $25 Conventional Unlimited Campaign Autoresponder.

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    Pay with your Credit Card or Online check. A $25.00 Subscription every month.

    Just click on the Image below for our $15 Lead Capture Autoresponder.

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    Pay with your Credit Card or Online check. A $15.00 Subscription every month.

    Use PayPal!
    Just click on the Subscription button below for our $25 Conventional Unlimited Campaigns Autoresponder.

    Need a FREE PayPal account?...Click here!

    Use PayPal!
    Just click on the Subscription button below for our $15 Lead Capture Autoresponder.

    Use Alert Pay!
    Just click on the Alert Pay Button below for our $25 Conventional Autoresponder.
    Only A $25.00 Subscription every month for our Conventional Unlimited Campaign Autoresponder.

    Use Alert Pay!
    Just click on the Alert Pay Button below for our $15 Lead Capture Autoresponder.
    Only A $15.00 Subscription every month for our Lead Capture Autoresponder.

    Remember if you need help or have questions EMAIL US HERE or HERE We are here to help you succeed!
    Best regards, My Email Autoresponder Admin.

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