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A Note About our Fax Numbers and Lead Lists

We have been in the network marketing business for the last six years. During that time we have built many large downlines with several different programs. We have tried many different forms of promotions, some good, some terrible. We talk to network marketers every day who are making some of the same promotional mistakes that we have made.

There are lead lists and promotional advertising companies that will sell you leads and forms of promoting your business they know will never work for you. A lot of networkers will spend a lot of money, make very little, get discouraged, and quit. We only sell to you what we have proven to work and work well in our own business.

Succeeding in network marketing is very hard. One of the most important things you must do is market the right program to the right audience.

We have built up a large list of the right kind of leads. Our business is living proof of that. We have gathered thousands of leads through fax numbers, mailing list, and advertising. We have had to weed out the many bad lists that are out there and believe me, there are a lot of them. The leads that you purchase from us are the same ones that have built us a financially successful business and can do the same for you. These lists contain seasoned network marketers and beginners.

We are constantly gathering new leads through advertising, fax on demands, and day to day contact through our business. It has taken us years, and thousands of dollars to come up with lists that are this good. If you have been in this business very long, you know exactly what I am talking about. You will go through hundreds of leads list companies to find a good one, not to mention all the time and money you will spend.

Bookmark this page today. If you don't purchase today, come back to us after you have been discouraged by the bad list companies. You will not find a better lead list company than BBP marketing. We only sell to you what we use to build our own business. Buy from a fellow network marketer who knows from experience what you are up against and what you need to make your business grow.

Our fax numbers are the same ones we fax broadcast with. We started this business because of the many requests from our downline members to use our services to recruit for them. Let us help to build you a large downline just like we have done for many others and ourselves.

Mailing Lists Fax Broadcasts  Fax Numbers Banner ads  Faxed Ads Meg-E-Zine Ads
 Fax on Demand Autoresponder  Meg-E-Zine Classified Ads  Home Checker Software  Dealership FAQ's  Phone Leads